• Dash Desai is an artist with a long lingering passion for photography, travel and the outdoors. He is known for his rustic journeys where curiosity and a self-taught, impeccable eye for detail allow him to capture the beauty that surrounds him. Dash has framed moments and images of places, things, and beings in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Ever since Dash can remember, he has always had profound respect for nature. He would venture to wilderness camps every chance he got, and be marveled with his surroundings. He wished he could share these breathtaking sights with others but didn't have the resources.

Then in 1997, his first year living in Utah, Dash took a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park and brought along a disposable camera. He printed pictures at Walmart and showed one of them to his friend and respected colleague Matt D'Alessandro. "I always admired Matt's photography, so I picked my favorite picture to show him - just to see what he thought. He said I had a good eye and that made me think twice. It was my 'ah ha moment'..." recalls Dash. After that, he bought a real camera and hasn't looked back.

Dash Desai lives in Willow Glen-San Jose, CA with his partner Claire Umeda and daughter Eva. When he's not rocking the keyboards at the next hot startup in Silicon Valley or slowly making his way up and down the 101, 280 and 87, he enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and scoping out his next photo-centric adventure.